Brazing Aids

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Brazing Aids


Designed to protect metal surfaces from the flow of molten brazing filler metal or to prevent metal surfaces from adhering to each other during furnace brazing, Wall Colmonoy’s Stop-Off products are available in two grades: fast drying Type I (lacquer based), and nonflammable Type II (water based).

  • Green Stop-Off
    All purpose for preventing brazing filler metal from flowing or bonding to any protected surface. For any type of metal or brazing process. Use as masking agent when thermal spraying metallic coatings.
  • Yellow Stop-Off
    General purpose. For use in controlled atmosphere furnace work. Easier removal than Green Stop-off. Recommended for silver brazing with heavy flux and molten salt bath brazing. Prevents filler metal flow into threads, holes and cast surfaces.
  • White Stop-Off
    A parting compound for furnace use to prevent accidental brazing of adjoining surfaces. Specially formulated to prevent contamination of base or filler metal.
  • Red Stop-Off
    A parting compound designed for furnace use. Chemically soluble, assures 100% removal after brazing. For use on parts with small internal holes, fine threads or wire screens.
  • Orange Stop-Off
    Specially formulated for use on reactive metals, such as titanium and zirconium, and super-alloys. Acts as lubricant. For use in high vacuum furnaces.
  • Blue Stop-Off
    Acts as lubricant in heat-forming of reactive base metals, or in super-plastic forming and drawing applications.


A paste which dissolves oxides while promoting filler metal flow during torch and induction brazing. Nicrobraz Flux can be used with a wide range of base metals and filler metals.


A range of water soluble binders with fast or slow drying properties and low to high viscosity and solvent based screen printing binders.


Liquid plastics used for mixing with brazing filler metal powders to ensure adhesion to the base metal during handling and brazing. Apply by spray gun, brush, eyedropper or syringe. All Nicrobraz Cements are non-ozone depleting.


A nickel, chromium, iron blasting grit that enhances base metal surfaces to improve brazing filler metal flow and wettability.